Focus Economics an Law

The focus «Economics and Law» offers a diverse insight in law, economics, business and accounting.

In today’s world economical or legal questions are paramount. Therefore a profound knowledge in these matters is important.  It is not only a good base for majoring in economics or jurisprudence but also for any other professional career.

Students learn economizing to be a necessity since goods are scarce. They also learn that legal regulations and rulings are a means to prevent or to ease situations of conflict. In addition they shall be able to recognize economical or legal conditions and evaluate them as well as to analyse the situation of a society.

Last but not least «Economics and Law» provides students with useful skills.

The focus “Economics and Law” is also being taught in English for students who chose to graduate with a bilingual baccalaureate (Matura). Note: Law will be taught in German.

Special occasions when taking “Economics and Law”:

  • Visits to companies and presentations to deepen topics from lessons

  • Presentations of experts at Gymnasium

  • Visits of legal trials

For more information please feel free to contact the members of our faculty (Lehrpersonen).