Economics and Law

The school subject “Economics and Law” takes a look at humans and societies as well as their everyday activities. The subject also deals with the legal framework of our society and its development.

About a third of all students at the Gymnasium Muttenz chose «Economics and Law» as their focus (Schwerpunktfach). For these students the curriculum specifies an average of four lessons “Economics and Law” every week. Therefore «Economics and Law» will be a significant part of their education.

The knowledge acquired from a baccalaureate (Matura) with the focus on economics and law is not only of great benefit for the study of economics or jurisprudence. Practice has shown that knowledge of economics and law is also important in other professions (e.g. architects, doctors, engineers, etc.) regarding economical or legal issues. The fields of business and law provide an excellent foundation for addressing current and future societal challenges.

During the fourth and final year at the Gymnasium students of «Economics and Law» can chose to attend a voluntary course (Wahlfach) in either business or law.

All students who chose another focus than «Economics and Law» will attend a basic course (Grundlagenfach Wirtschaft und Recht) in their second year at the gymnasium. Following this basic training students can chose to attend a voluntary course in the third year (Freifach) and/or a supplementary course (Ergänzungsfach) during the fourth year.

At FMS «Economics and Law» is a basic subject in the first year. Students with the professional field of social work will be dealing with “Economics and Law” throughout heir three years education.

The faculty «Economics and Law» is aiming to integrate a great deal of practical relevance into the lessons. Learn more about the members of our faculty (Lehrpersonen).